The Joyful Curmudgeon


Quotes across all geographies, across all times, have always been enjoyable reading. This is just a small collection of some favorites, and there could no doubt be many, many more.  Our kind may inhabit every sort of body, speak every variety of language, live in every nook and cranny across this spinning ball of dust, but we are all really very much the same monkey-mind, cousins of the same puddle, so to speak. Just playing out different facets of the crest-jewel of human consciousness.

So grab yourself a cigar, pour a shot or two of your favorite elixir, and enjoy the wisdom of the ages. Each section below has up to one hundred quotes. Open up a set, click on the first graphic, and then stroll through the rest along the bottom. Click on the "Escape" button to get back to the main page.

Best wishes,